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Dual Layered Silicone Apple Watch Bands

Dual Layered Silicone Apple Watch Bands

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Approximate Dimensions

Varies by size

Our Glowforge Settings

Glowforge Plus 40W

Speed: 1000

Power: 85

LPI: 675

Please note that setting may need to be adjusted based on the wattage and age of the machine, amount of detail required, desired engraved depth, and more. These setting are provided as a baseline to help you in determing the setting needed for your machine.

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Introducing Innovative Dual Layered Silicone Watch Bands for Apple Watch: Your Canvas for Laser Transformation

Calling All Visionary Crafters! Elevate your Apple Watch game with our Dual Layered Silicone Watch Bands, meticulously designed for your laser-engraving prowess. Unveil a world of creativity as you etch away the top layer to reveal the vibrant color beneath, crafting timepieces that are uniquely yours.

Key Features:

Laser-Powered Personalization: Crafters, rejoice! Our Dual Layered Silicone Watch Bands are your playground for creativity. Utilize your laser-engraving skills to remove the top layer, unveiling the brilliant color beneath. Let each engraving tell a story.

Craft a Kaleidoscope: With a spectrum of colors beneath, each engraving becomes a masterpiece. Sculpt intricate designs, initials, or motifs, allowing the vibrant base to play its part in your artistic narrative.

Innovation Meets Aesthetics: These bands aren't just functional; they're a testament to innovation and style. Your laser magic transforms them into wearable art, defying conventional design and unlocking endless possibilities.

Your Color, Your Story: The top layer is your canvas, the base color your backdrop. Engrave moments, passions, or mottos, weaving them into a tale that rests gracefully on your wrist.

Unmatched Versatility: From sleek corporate styles to casual ensembles, these bands adapt to every mood and moment. Your engravings, the crown jewels, stand as testaments to your crafting prowess.

Comfort and Durability: Made from premium silicone, these bands ensure comfort and longevity. Crafted to endure the test of time, they become an essential part of your daily style.

Craft, Engrave, Amaze: This isn't just a watch band; it's an experience. Craft a piece that captures glances, starts conversations, and resonates with your artistic essence.

Your Laser Odyssey Begins: Embark on a laser-engraving journey that's as vibrant as your imagination. With our Dual Layered Silicone Watch Bands, every engraving is an ode to color, style, and your crafting mastery.

Create. Craft. Transform: Turn your Apple Watch into a reflection of your artistic flair. Dive into the world of dual-layered enchantment and discover the mesmerizing fusion of color, design, and innovation.

Embrace the revolution of watch bands that redefine style, one laser-engraved revelation at a time. It's not just a watch band; it's your masterpiece in the making.



38/40 size fit the 38mm and 40mm watch.
42/44 size fit the 42mm and 44mm watch.

S/M fits wrists of 110mm to 200mm
M/L fits wrists of 120mm to 210mm


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I absolutely love these bands. I’ve never knew they existed until just recently so hopefully we stay in production because it makes life a lot easier when you’re crafting your own bands so you don’t have to color them by hand but absolutely do love these, so definitely recommending these to anybody who is out there in the crafting community looking for a Easy way to engrave bands and not have to hand color everything 

Amazing!!!! Can’t believe I didn’t find y’all sooner

Amazing!!!! Can’t believe I didn’t find y’all sooner, I absolutely love these bands, the first one I did turned out so good… I want to buy more of these but the options I want are currently out of stock… super bummed about the glow In the dark one it was out of stock…. Hope it becomes available again!!!!

Kelle Freels

I love the bands but there is not enough selection. I needed white with black for a customer. I was told that your company was not ordering anymore. Now I have to try and find it and pay a lot more. Losing profit