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Leatherette Hat Patch with 3M Backing

Leatherette Hat Patch with 3M Backing

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3M Backing

Approximate Dimensions

Hexagon - 3" x2.25"
Circle - 2.5" diameter
Rectangle - 3" x 2.5"

Our Glowforge Settings

Glowforge Plus 40W

Speed: 1000

Power: 75

LPI: 225

Please note that setting may need to be adjusted based on the wattage and age of the machine, amount of detail required, desired engraved depth, and more. These setting are provided as a baseline to help you in determing the setting needed for your machine.

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Introducing Your New Canvas for Laser Engraving: Our Leatherette Hat Patches with 3M Backing. Tailored for the visionary laser engraving crafters, these patches redefine customization possibilities, transforming hats into wearable masterpieces.

Key Features:

Crafted for Your Vision: For the crafters who wield lasers as brushes, our Leatherette Hat Patches are a revelation. Imprint your designs, logos, or messages with precision, turning each patch into a statement of artistry.

Unleash Imagination: The supple leatherette surface eagerly awaits your engravings. Each stroke, each detail – they come to life, adding depth and texture to every creation.

Adhesive Excellence: Backed by 3M's cutting-edge technology, these patches offer more than aesthetics. The adhesive ensures a secure bond, transforming hats into personalized showcases.

Crafted Comfort: Crafted for both form and function, these patches seamlessly blend with hats, elevating their style without compromising comfort.

Endless Applications: From branding to personalization, the possibilities are boundless. These patches grace hats at workshops, events, and everyday life, leaving an indelible mark.

Effortless Application: 3M's adhesive backing simplifies integration. Just engrave, peel, and apply – your creations adorn hats seamlessly, showcasing your craftsmanship.

Personalize Your Brand: For businesses, these patches are a branding triumph. Engrave logos, names, or slogans, creating unique promotional items that resonate.

Craft a Statement: With each patch you engrave, you craft a statement. Whether it's fashion, identity, or promotion, your patches turn hats into unforgettable stories.

Versatile Craftsmanship: Adaptability is key. These patches can be the signature touch to casual hats or upscale accessories, speaking to your versatility as a creator.

Elevate Your Craft: Our Leatherette Hat Patches with 3M Backing bridge the gap between artistry and fashion. Each patch is your invitation to imprint your vision on wearables.

Reimagine hat personalization with a medium that's as adaptable as your imagination. Turn hats into showcases of your skill, branding, or artistry with our Leatherette Hat Patches. It's not just a patch; it's your canvas of creation.