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Silicone Dog Tag

Silicone Dog Tag

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Approximate Dimensions

1.57L x 0.91H x 0.19D Inches

Our Glowforge Settings

Glowforge Plus 40W

Speed: 600

Power: 75

LPI: 675

Please note that setting may need to be adjusted based on the wattage and age of the machine, amount of detail required, desired engraved depth, and more. These setting are provided as a baseline to help you in determing the setting needed for your machine.

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Our Laser-Engravable Silicone Dog Tags redefine pet identification with a creative twist. Tailored for laser engraving crafters, these tags seamlessly blend function with your unique designs.

Key Features:

Engrave Your Bond: Our Silicone Dog Tags become a canvas for your creativity. Imprint names, symbols, or heartfelt messages, transforming these tags into personalized statements of your pet's identity.

Safety with Flair: Crafted from durable silicone, these tags protect your furry friend while offering a comfortable feel. Your engravings add a touch of flair, making identification stylish and functional.

Engraving Made Effortless: Innovative design meets practicality. The tags reveal a second layer of color beneath the engraving, eliminating the need for fill-ins. Your designs shine without any extra effort.

A Perfect Fit: The snug design ensures these tags stay securely on your pet's collar. Crafted for both comfort and durability, they become a long-lasting companion to your beloved furry friend.

Functional and Distinctive: Our tags blend form with function. Beyond identification, they become wearable art, reflecting your pet's personality and your creativity.

Capture Their Spirit: Laser engravings bring out your pet's essence. Turn these tags into a celebration of their unique character, from playful symbols to engraved nicknames.

Crafting Memories: Design tags that tell a story. With every walk, playtime, and adventure, your creations resonate, reminding you of cherished moments with your pet.

A Unique Bond: Celebrate the bond between you and your pet. Create tags that encapsulate your connection and let your pet's identity shine.

Elevate pet accessories with tags that blend protection and personalization. Your designs come to life, becoming a reflection of your pet's spirit and your creative touch.

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