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Silicone Case for Apple iPhone

Silicone Case for Apple iPhone

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Approximate Dimensions

Varies by Size

Our Glowforge Settings

Glowforge Plus 40W

Speed: 600

Power: 75

LPI: 675

Please note that setting may need to be adjusted based on the wattage and age of the machine, amount of detail required, desired engraved depth, and more. These setting are provided as a baseline to help you in determing the setting needed for your machine.

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Our Laser-Engravable Silicone Case for Apple iPhone. Designed with the discerning eye of laser crafters in mind, this case goes beyond protection, offering you a platform to imprint your creativity on a daily essential.

Key Features:

Elevated Craftsmanship: For the crafters who appreciate precision, our Silicone Case is a testament to thoughtful design. Its seamless fit not only safeguards your iPhone but also offers a prime surface for your laser-engraving mastery.

A Canvas for Imagination: Transform your device into an artistic statement. The smooth silicone surface beckons your designs, patterns, and messages, making every case a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Seamless Harmony: Our Silicone Case's slim profile ensures a seamless union with your iPhone, maintaining its sleek aesthetic. Your laser engravings enhance its form without adding bulk.

Colors That Speak: Choose from an array of colors to resonate with your project's theme. Your engravings come alive on these vibrant surfaces, showcasing your attention to detail.

Precision Meets Accessibility: Every cutout is designed with precision, guaranteeing full access to buttons, ports, and features. Your crafted case remains fully functional while showcasing your artistry.

Protection, Personalization, Performance: Crafted from high-quality silicone, this case offers robust protection and personalization in equal measure. It's a testament to both durability and design.

A Crafted Identity: Your laser engravings aren't just marks; they're an extension of your identity. Make your iPhone case a reflection of your artistry, making a statement wherever you go.

Adaptable Elegance: From workshops to presentations, our Laser-Engravable Silicone Case adapts to every scenario. Its refined appearance complements your craftsmanship, resonating with fellow artisans.

Empower Your Craft: Experience the fusion of creativity and utility. Our Silicone Case is more than a protection accessory; it's a platform for you to leave your artistic mark.

Craft Beyond Limits: Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. With our Laser-Engravable Silicone Case for Apple iPhone, your craftsmanship evolves into a daily masterpiece.

Elevate your iPhone protection with a case that becomes your canvas. Imprint your designs, passions, and ingenuity on every case, redefining how protection and artistry can coexist.