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Wood Coffee Clip and Scoop

Wood Coffee Clip and Scoop

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Approximate Dimensions


Our Glowforge Settings

Glowforge Plus 40W

Speed: Full

Power: 1000

LPI: 225

Please note that setting may need to be adjusted based on the wattage and age of the machine, amount of detail required, desired engraved depth, and more. These setting are provided as a baseline to help you in determing the setting needed for your machine.

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Crafting Personalized Coffee Experiences: Our Laser-Engravable All-in-One Wood Coffee Bag Clip and Scoop is more than just a tool – it's an extension of your creativity. Tailored to embrace laser engravings, this accessory transforms your coffee routine into an artistic expression.

Key Features:

Artistry with Every Detail: Imprint your unique touch on this coffee essential. From witty quotes to intricate designs, your creativity transforms a simple tool into a personalized masterpiece.

Functional Sophistication: Crafted from premium wood, this accessory radiates rustic elegance. Your engravings blend seamlessly with the wood, adding a touch of style to your coffee corner.

Clip and Scoop in One: Beyond securing coffee bags, this accessory doubles as a coffee scoop – a marriage of convenience and ingenuity. Simplify your routine with a tool that multitasks.

A Fusion of Form and Function: Precision engravings intertwine with the wood's texture, creating a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and utility. Each scoop and clip embodies your artistry.

Elevate Your Daily Brew: Experience coffee in a new light. Infuse your designs into your coffee corner, turning it into an inviting space where every cup is a canvas of creativity.

Crafting Moments, One Brew at a Time: Turn ordinary rituals into memorable experiences. Each design choice becomes a conversation starter, a source of inspiration, and a mark of your craft.

A Personal Connection: From your morning brew to quiet contemplative sips, your engravings enrich your coffee journey. Make each cup an opportunity to showcase your creativity.

Craft Beyond Limits: Elevate your coffee routine with an accessory that marries functionality with personal expression. Engrave your style onto your daily ritual, one coffee scoop at a time.

Elevate your coffee moments with an accessory that combines creativity and convenience. Let your designs infuse life into your mornings, making each sip a testament to your imagination.

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